France Online Casino Gambling

Before players even consider gambling online, they should become familiar with the local laws that pertain to this form of gambling. In France, all forms of gambling are legal and many land based locations offer card games, sportsbooks, racing bets and casino games. The problem is that there are high taxes, which makes it quite difficult for legal gambling sites to continue operating. There are also very high taxes that are applied to winnings from poker and sports betting.

Even though gambling is legal, many players will seek action at off shore online casinos so they do not have to pay these high taxes on the winnings that are generated. In 2010, France passed the Gambling Act, which created the Regulatory Authority for Online Games. The responsibility of this authority is to regulate and license all online gambling sites that are in France. This Gambling Act played an important role for players as it ended the monopoly of casino sites in France. The market is now open to competition from many other gambling sites operating in the European Union. Right after the act was passed, more than 35 companies submitted an application to become online poker, sports betting and horse race betting sites. The downfall to all of this is that the French Government did not include casino games in the Act as they are too addictive. This means that French players have no operating online casinos in their own country, so they must seek off shore sites if they wish to engage in this form of gambling.

France does offer legalised poker, so there are a number of popular poker rooms that can be enjoyed, including PokerStars, Party Poker and Everest Poker. The current gambling laws regulate the taxes that are applies to poker winnings and as of now, there is a 2% tax on every poker prize pool or pot.

Players who are looking for a gambling experience that includes slots, roulette, blackjack and other casino games will have to rely on the offerings from off shore casinos. This form of gambling is not allowed in France and while it is not punishable by law, online gambling is not supported by the French government. However, many players will register at top rated sites so they can enjoy some of the best online casino games in the industry.