Norway Online Casino Gambling

The laws in Norway are a bit confusing and new players may not be familiar with current laws that pertain to online gambling. Even though some of the world’s best poker players hail from Norway, there are strict laws regarding gambling and at this time, Norway has a very high gambling rate. The growth in the popularity of online gambling has forced the government to take strict measures to prevent gambling activities. There are just two betting companies in Norway and they are both state owned. Norsk Riksoto is known for animal based sports like horse and dog racing, and Norsk Tipping is known for offering sports betting, lottery games and instant bets.

Outside of these two betting companies, gambling is illegal in Norway. This is especially true in regards to online gambling. To protect the residents of Norway from the harmful effects of gambling, Norway adopted a system similar to the UIGEA in the United States. In 2010, Norway’s own laws were in effect and this prohibited any foreign sites from advertising or attracting Norway residents. Norway has also refused to join the EU. Even though there are laws to prevent online gambling, the government has not taken any steps to block any IP addresses to gambling sites. In 2011, more than 340 off shore betting sites claimed they had a large number of Norwegian players registered.

Since the laws in Norway were not having much effect, the government has been working on plans to begin blocking IP addresses. While this may prevent players from accessing some sites, it will not address the problems of gambling addictions. The best way for Norway to deal with these problems is to open the market. This would help with any concealment of gambling problems and would also allow the government to tackle any such problems with ease.

Players residing in Norway can easily find online casinos that will allow them to create real money accounts. Since there are no legal consequences for individual players, there is nothing stopping these players from gambling at any off shore betting site. The only way to get players to remain in their own country is to open the market and allow other companies to operate within Norway, which would keep more players gambling in their own country.