Sweden Online Casino Gambling

Players who reside in Sweden have some great options when it comes to playing casino games online. This form of gambling is completely legal in Sweden, but there is just one operator in the country. In regards to the current gambling laws, it is a criminal offence for anyone to promote any gambling at unlicensed sites. This law was changed a bit in 2002 to include online gambling promotions. The goal was to keep gamblers playing in their own country instead of seeking gambling activities at off shore sites.

Sweden has not regulated online gambling, which is a bit ironic considering the privately owned gambling industry in the countries. However, even with the growth in the market the online gambling activities remain unregulated. Some of the largest companies in the industry are from Sweden, like Boss Media and the hugely popular Net Entertainment.

Seeing as there is no law to prevent players from accessing online casinos, playing at an off shore site has become a popular activity for many residents of Sweden. Online casinos that cater to these players offer a great selection of games from leading providers, many of which are powered by Net Entertainment. Swedish friendly gambling sites also offer usable payment methods and will conduct all transactions in local currencies. While there is an option to gamble in Sweden, the lack if operating online casinos makes it necessary for players to seek online forms of gambling offered by other countries.

Sweden does face some pressure from the European Union for not opening the market to competitors. The EU has stated that a gambling monopoly held by government is a violation to the agreement. Sweden has responded by saying they were working to open the market, but this has not happened yet, though the government promises changes in the near future.

The struggles pertaining to online gambling do not lie with players and there are no legal ramifications for play player from Sweden who gambles online. This makes it possible for players to access the hundreds of sites that are operating so they can enjoy the best selection of games and benefit from amazing player incentives. It is not known when Sweden will open the market, but for the meantime, Swedish players are more than welcome at off shore casino sites.